Motorcycle roadbook in Corsica: an epic journey on the roads of the Isle of Beauty

Corsica, nicknamed the Isle of Beauty, offers motorcycle enthusiasts an idyllic playground, combining winding roads, wild panoramas and a culture rich in tradition. This motorcycle roadbook takes you through the island’s most emblematic corners, from pristine beaches to mountain peaks, for an adventure that will echo to the beat of your mount.

Motorcycle roadbook in Corsica

Stage 1: Ajaccio and the Sanguinaires road

Start your journey in Ajaccio by taking the D111 to join the Route des Sanguinaires. This coastal road offers beautiful first views of the Mediterranean Sea, revealing the archipelago of the Sanguinaires Islands on the horizon. Take time to contemplate the contrasts between the clear-water coves, the colors of the maquis whatever the season, and the sandy shades of secluded beaches.

Stage 2: Bonifacio via the D302, an escape to the south

Head south on the D302 towards Bonifacio. This picturesque route crosses typical and varied landscapes, from olive groves to vineyards of local grape varieties. En route, you’ll pass through Olmeto, Propriano and Sartène, three of Corsica’s most famous landmarks, where you’ll stop for a well-deserved break along the way. Arriving in Bonifacio, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the limestone cliffs plunging into the sea, creating a breathtaking view of the strait that separates Corsica from nearby Sardinia. You’ll lose yourself in the narrow streets of the citadel before strolling along the port, perhaps in search of a Mediterranean fish restaurant.

Stage 3: Zonza on the D59 then the D268 through the Alta Rocca region

Leave the coast and venture into the Alta Rocca mountains along the D59 and then the D268. Tight curves lead you to Zonza, an authentic village in the heart of the mountains. Take time to appreciate the tranquility of this region, marked by dense maquis forests and verdant valleys.

Stage 4: Corte via the T50 citadel and Restonica gorges

Then take the D268 to the Aiguilles de Bavella, before descending to the sea along the Solenzara, where a swim stop is a must. Take the RT10 along the coast to Aléria, where you can visit the archaeological site of the same name, before turning off onto the T50 towards Corte. It’s a town steeped in history in central Corsica, where you can explore the perched citadel with its breathtaking views over the valley. Don’t miss the nearby Gorges de la Restonica, accessible via the D623, with its crystal-clear natural pools. At the very top, high mountain trails lead to the Melu and Capitellu lakes.

Stage 5: Bastia via the T20 then the T11 heading north

Head north on the T20, then turn northeast on the T11 towards Bastia, the largest city in Haute Corse. This mountain and then coastal route reveals the unique panoramas of the eastern coast. In Bastia, explore the old town, citadel and Place Saint-Nicolas, steeped in a vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere. The atmosphere of the old port will transport you into the bustle of another era, typical of this ancient trading place.

Stage 6: Cap Corse via the D80 between sea and mountains

Explore Cap Corse along the D80, a road that circles the peninsula. Picturesque fishing villages such as Erbalunga and Nonza, as well as Genoese towers, dot this route offering a unique blend of rugged mountains and rugged coastline. To the far north lies the island of Giraglia, known as the rudder of Corsica.

Stage 7: Saint-Florent via the D81 vineyards and white sandy beaches

Take the D81 towards Saint-Florent, passing through the renowned vineyards of the Patrimonio region. Enjoy the view of the Gulf of Saint-Florent before heading down to explore the old town. From here, you can take a shuttle bus from the port to the wild white-sand beaches of Saleccia and Loto, havens of peace where the turquoise sea invites total idleness.

Stage 8: Calvi via the D81 then the T30 la Citadelle and the Corniche road

Follow the D81 and T30 to Calvi along the seafront and discover the beauty of the citadel and its cobbled streets. For a panoramic experience, take the Corniche road, offering spectacular views of the Gulf of Calvi, the Balagne mountains and the sea.

Stage 9: Porto via the D81B to the calanques of Piana and the Scandola reserve

Explore the Calanques de Piana via the D81B and then the D81, a UNESCO World Heritage site with breathtaking sea views from the cliffs. Continue to Porto, the starting point for boat excursions to the Scandola Nature Reserve, where you may be lucky enough to spot an osprey diving into the inky blue of the sea to hunt its prey. The red rock formations and marine biodiversity will leave you speechless, an incomparable wonder of the world.

Stage 10: back to Ajaccio on the D81, the loop complete

To round off this adventure in style, continue on the same D81 towards Ajaccio, thus completing the circle. This route takes you through the coastal village of Cargèse, stopping off at the beaches of Sagone, Santana and Liamone. Before returning to the hustle and bustle of the Imperial City to round off your journey in style.

In brief

Through these different stages, Corsica is revealed in all its splendor, blending natural contrasts between sea and mountains. This motorcycle odyssey is much more than a simple road trip; it’s a total immersion in the soul of Corsica, with its cultural heritage, Mediterranean flavors and authentic encounters.
Exploring Corsica by motorcycle transcends the experience of a simple road trip. It’s a plunge into the heart of unspoilt nature, a discovery of local customs, and an invitation to feel the absolute freedom that the road brings. Each stage of this roadbook is a canvas on which the soul of Corsica is drawn, an invitation to marvel at its grandiose panoramas, immerse yourself in its heritage, and appreciate the authenticity of its unspoilt villages.
Navigating between winding mountain roads and coastal paths offering grandiose panoramas, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Corsica from every angle. The motorcycle becomes the ideal means of transport for exploring otherwise inaccessible places, stopping off at isolated viewpoints, and soaking up the special atmosphere of each location. Whether you’re a fan of tight turns, tranquil beaches or mysterious history, the Isle of Beauty promises an unforgettable adventure at every turn. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Corsica, a destination where every kilometer is a discovery, an emotion, and a celebration of discovery on the road.

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