The new BMW R1300GS Tramuntana 719 exclusively at Moto Corse Evasion

The only one of its kind in Corsica, you won’t find a BMW R1300GS Tramuntana 719 for hire anywhere else!

BMW R1300GS Tramuntana 719 to rent in Corsica

Is the new BMW R1300GS Tramuntana 719 the ultimate machine for conquering Corsican roads?

Adventurous bikers, hang on tight! The new BMW R1300GS has arrived, ready to take you on the wild, winding roads of Corsica. The legendary boxer engine has been reworked by the Bavarian factory, and the chassis has been completely redesigned with a view to correcting the shortcomings of the 1250. This bike is a real adrenaline monster that will give you unforgettable thrills. You’ll recognize it at first glance with its more aggressive, slimmer silhouette, futuristic X-shaped Matrix optics and new styling evolution.

An engine that roars like a lion

At the heart of the R1300GS lies a roaring lion: a 1,290 cm3 twin-cylinder boxer engine that boosts horsepower from 135 to 145 and torque from 143 to 150 Nm. Aside from these 10 points gained, the entire engine has been redesigned: the R1250GS had a reputation for rolling along between 3 and 5,000 rpm, and became hollow after that. Here, the opposite is true: the BMW R1300GS becomes incisive and racy from 5000 rpm.

Surgical handling

Despite its raw power, the R1300GS is ultra-precise to handle. Its low center of gravity and lightweight chassis allow you to guide it with precision into the smallest nooks and crannies of the Isle of Beauty. It’s easy to get used to, and is 12 kg lighter, weighing in at 147 kg. Given its power, the ratio makes it quite simply agile, lively and dynamic.

Steering precision and stability are enhanced by new front and rear axle guidance systems. BMW Motorad’s unique Paralever / Telelever suspension system (the bike never bumps or dips) has been further enhanced to deliver a unique riding experience.

BMW has also added a dynamic ride height adjuster: the bike is in the low position for city riding, and “climbs up” on its own from 50km/h onwards. An option as reassuring as it is reassuring for urban journeys and low-speed manoeuvres.

Its ABS Pro system guarantees effective braking in all circumstances, while its dynamic traction control keeps you in control on slippery terrain.

A range of driving modes are available to adapt to different weather and terrain conditions. Electronic equipment and systems give this new model an unrivalled sense of comfort and safety.

The R1300GS is equipped with the latest motorcycle technology, to provide you with a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

What are the special features of the Tramuntana 719 option for the BMW R 1300 GS?

The new R 1300 GS reveals its exclusive, technically sophisticated side in the Option 719 Tramuntana model variant. It combines gold cross-spoke wheels with black components such as the front and rear frames, powertrain and luggage rack with grab handle. The gold-anodized handlebars provide the perfect touch to match the golden lines of the body components and golden wheels. The side trim and upper front wheel cover are in Aurelius Green Metallic, while the aluminum fuel tank and intake muffler are in Aurelius Green Metallic but with a transparent matte coating. The central fuel tank cover in Black/Luxor Grey and the cylinder head covers in Avus Matte Metallic Black are a perfect match.

In short

Whether you’re an experienced rider or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll appreciate how easy this bike is to handle. Maneuverability is excellent, with a surprisingly tight turning radius, and the engine is full of life, available at low revs and delivering watts in all operating ranges. A real mileage devourer, the landscapes follow one another with pure pleasure, and the road, whatever the surface, will be forgotten. Not forgetting the legendary sound so characteristic of the large-displacement flat twin, here drier and more subdued, thanks to the special Akrapovic dual-muffler exhaust and its high-performance touch.

With the R1300GS, Corsica no longer holds any secrets for you. Rent this exceptional motorcycle and explore the island’s spectacular scenery, from picturesque villages to heavenly beaches. The R1300GS is your perfect ally for unforgettable adventures on Corsican roads.

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Official BMW video of the R1300GS

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