The motorcycle tour of Corsica: an epic journey between sea and mountains

Touring Corsica on a motorcycle is an adventure that combines a passion for driving with the discovery of breathtaking landscapes. Between majestic mountains, a coastline of heavenly beaches and picturesque villages, the Isle of Beauty offers an ideal playground for daring bikers. We’re going to tell you all about a legendary itinerary, the complete motorcycle tour of Corsica, highlighting the essential stages, points of interest and organizational tips for a memorable experience.

Ajaccio: the southern gateway

Start your motorcycle tour in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica. Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains, Ajaccio offers a seductive blend of history, culture and natural beauty. Visit Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace, explore the old town with its cobbled streets, discover the most authentic and local stores we can point out, and savor Corsican gastronomy in one of the many restaurants we particularly like in the hypercenter or on the outskirts. Enjoy the mildness of the imperial city and its Mediterranean climate before heading further north.

Tour de Corse à moto Ajaccio Sanguinaires

Calanques de Piana, Porto and the Scandola reserve: natural treasures of the west coast

The drive north takes you through the winding roads of the Calanques de Piana, spectacular red rock formations plunging into the sea. Continue on to Porto, a charming fishing port, and explore the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on a boat trip. Our local partner is a sea-born Otais who will be delighted to share his passion for the region with you. The steep roads offer breathtaking views of cliffs, sea caves and abundant marine life.

Tour of Corsica on motorcycle Calanques de Piana Porto Scandola

Calvi and Balagne: sandy beaches and authentic villages

Continue your journey to Calvi, a seaside town renowned for its sandy beaches and imposing citadel. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the seafront cafés. Then explore Balagne, a region of hilltop villages such as Sant’Antonino and Pigna. The winding roads of the Agriates Desert offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the Saleccia and Loto beaches, accessible by 4×4 or boat, on an excursion you won’t soon forget.

Tour de Corse à moto Calvi Balagne Agriates

Cape Corsica: adventure and mystery

Head northeast to discover the mysterious Cap Corse. The D80, also known as the Corniche de la Serra, offers steep bends and breathtaking views over the often turbulent sea. Explore authentic villages such as Nonza and its immense black sand beach, Erbalunga and its authentic charm of a small fishing village, and discover the Genoese towers that dot the coast. One of our favorite Corsican restaurants is located on the cape. We’ll be happy to tell you where it is. Cap Corse is a treasure trove for bikers in search of adventure and unspoilt scenery.

Motorcycle tour of Corsica Cap Corse

Bastia: northern port of entry

Arrival in Bastia, the main town in northern Corsica, with its typical bustling port and Mediterranean atmosphere. Explore the Citadelle, stroll through the Old Port and soak up the city’s authentic atmosphere. Visit Place Saint-Nicolas, the meeting place of the Bastians, and the narrow streets of terra Vecchia, the historic old quarter, to immerse yourself in the Corsican way of life. Enjoy the nightlife, restaurants and bars before continuing your journey south along the long Eastern Plain road.

Tour de Corse à moto Bastia

Porto Vecchio and its beaches: shores of paradise

Head down to the south-east of the island to reach Porto Vecchio, a picturesque town with cobbled streets and imposing ramparts. From here, explore the region’s heavenly beaches, including Palombaggia beach, which you’ll see on every postcard, and the famous Santa Giulia beach, not forgetting the Bay of Rondinara, an absolute gem. The coastal roads offer unforgettable panoramas of the crystal-clear waters of the deep blue sea.

Motorcycle tour of Corsica Porto Vecchio Palombaggia Santa Giulia Rondinara

Bonifacio: the pearl of the south

End your motorcycle tour of Corsica in style by reaching Bonifacio, a town spectacularly perched above white cliffs. Explore the old town, visit the citadel and stroll along the bustling port. You’ll love the end-of-the-world atmosphere here. Don’t miss the chance to take a boat out to discover the impressive caves and sea cliffs nearby. You can also visit the archipelago of the Îles Lavezzi marine reserve.

Tour de Corse motorcycle Bonifacio Lavezzi

In conclusion

A motorcycle tour of Corsica is much more than just a trip, it’s an experience that combines the freedom of riding with the discovery of incredible landscapes. From heavenly beaches to majestic mountains, each stop reveals a different aspect of the island. Organizing such a trip requires meticulous planning, but the effort is well worth the reward. So get ready for a fantastic two-wheeled epic on the Isle of Beauty, where every bend in the road is a new discovery, and every kilometer brings you a little closer to the magic of Corsica.

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