Corsica’s most beautiful beaches by motorcycle

Two-wheeled seaside getaway: explore Corsica’s most beautiful beaches by motorcycle

Corsica’s beaches, symbols of unspoilt Mediterranean beauty, provide the ideal backdrop for a motorcycle adventure. Let us guide you through winding roads and coastal landscapes, revealing Corsica’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you’re a fan of fine sand, crystal-clear waters or secluded coves, prepare to be amazed by the diversity of these coastal treasures accessible by motorcycle. Discover our selection of Corsica’s most beautiful beaches in 5 stages.

Stage 1: Saleccia Beach – White sand and turquoise waters

A paradise preserved like a natural Eden

The beach at Saleccia, accessible via picturesque coastal paths, will appeal to bikers in search of tranquillity. The pristine white sand and turquoise waters make this beach an unspoilt paradise, an ideal getaway for a wild seaside break.

Saleccia beach Agriates desert

Stage 2: Palombaggia Beach – Pearl of the Eastern Coast

Pure Mediterranean elegance

The beach at Palombaggia, near Porto-Vecchio, enchants with its Mediterranean elegance. On a motorcycle, you’ll enjoy the last coastal bends that lead to this beach, before relaxing on the fine sand. Crystal-clear waters and umbrella pines create an idyllic atmosphere. It’s probably the best-known beach on the Isle of Beauty.

Palombaggia beach by motorcycle

Stage 3: Rondinara Beach – Baie Parfaite

Absolute seaside serenity

Rondinara beach, nestled in a perfect bay, offers a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards. The road to this picturesque beach promises a memorable visual experience. Biker friends, lounging on the sand of this beach while admiring the gentle shapes of the bay gives a taste of eternity.

Rondinara Bay

Stage 4: Santa Giulia beach – Corsica lagoon

An exceptional lagoon

Santa Giulia beach, with its turquoise lagoon and fine sand, is a must for motorcycle enthusiasts and beach paradise lovers alike. The road leading to this coastal gem offers stunning panoramic views, creating a sensational adventure even before you set foot on the sand. You’ll soon see why.

Santa Giulia Bay

Stage 5: Nonza Beach – A Unique Contrast

A pebble beach and breathtaking views

The beach at Nonza has a unique character, with its black pebble sand contrasting with the azure waters. Bikers who venture to this beach discover a totally unexpected landscape, with breathtaking views from the panoramic road. An extraordinary visual experience.

Nonza beach


Exploring Corsica’s most beautiful beaches by motorcycle promises an unrivalled sensory experience. It’s a total immersion in the natural beauty, local culture and adventurous spirit that characterize this unique Mediterranean island. Every turn becomes a discovery, and every beach becomes a page in a book of endless adventure. Each of these beaches offers a unique blend of fine sand, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking coastal scenery. The winding roads leading to these seaside treasures add a spectacular dimension to every getaway. Whether you’re looking for the serenity of Saleccia, the elegance of Palombaggia, the perfect bay of Rondinara, the lagoon of Santa Giulia or the unique contrast of Nonza, each beach is a destination in itself. See you soon on the roads of Corsica, where every turn of the wheel is a new experience, where the perfect combination of motorcycle and beach paradise awaits you.

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