Scooter rental in Corsica

Are you a scooter enthusiast who wants to explore Corsica, its breathtaking panoramas, culture, gastronomy and history? Are you wondering how to make the most of your stay on the Isle of Beauty? The perfect solution is to rent a scooter in Corsica! Here are the reasons and steps for an exceptional experience.

Scooter rental in Corsica

Why rent a scooter in Corsica rather than bring your own?

Corsica is a dream destination for scooter enthusiasts, but it’s still remote and not always easy to get to. If you’re coming from mainland France, you’ll have to take the ferry to reach the island, which means additional costs, logistical constraints and risks for your scooter. What’s more, you’ll have to adapt to the local configuration, which is often different from what you’re used to at home.

By choosing to rent a scooter in Corsica
you can bypass these constraints and benefit from numerous advantages:

– Choose from a range of models, brands and power ratings. Whether you’re a fan of sporty, urban or versatile scooters, you’ll find the ideal scooter for your stay.

– Attractive rates and packages tailored to your needs and budget. Daily, weekly or monthly rentals are available, depending on the length of your stay. Options such as specific accessories are also available.

– 24/7 assistance and the guarantees of a serious, professional scooter rental agency. In the event of breakdown, accident or theft, we provide fast, efficient assistance. Additional services such as airport transfers, loan of safety equipment and accommodation reservations.

– Discover Corsica in complete freedom and safety, with the option of following your own itinerary or taking inspiration from the rental agency’s suggestions. Explore the island’s most beautiful spots, admire its wild landscapes, visit its towns and villages, sample its culinary specialties and meet the locals.

Why choose Corsica’s number one scooter rental agency?

If you’re thinking of renting a scooter in Corsica, there are many agencies to choose from, but only one stands out for its experience, know-how and quality of service: Moto Corse Evasion in Ajaccio. It’s our customers who say it – check out their reviews on Google. Here’s why you can trust us:

– The first and one of the oldest scooter rental agencies in Corsica, over 20 years old. A solid reputation among scooter enthusiasts from all walks of life, recognized for its seriousness, professionalism and passion for 2-wheelers.

– A large fleet of recent, well-maintained and regularly serviced scooters. Scooters of different makes, categories and power ratings, to suit all riding styles and skill levels. Choose the scooter that best suits your preferences, experience and driving license.

– Attractive, transparent rental conditions, with no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises. You benefit from sliding-scale rates according to the duration of your rental. You’ll also benefit from included services like comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, protective equipment like helmets and gloves, a top case, or optional extras like intercoms.

– Support throughout your stay by a team of qualified professionals who are always available and ready to listen. Contact possible at any time by phone, email or chat for any questions, requests or unforeseen events. 24/7 assistance in the event of breakdown, accident or theft. Peace of mind with a safe, reliable scooter.

– Advice and guidance on discovering Corsica, its riches and its secrets. Recommendations, sample itineraries and tips to make the most of your stay. Information on the best places to visit, the most beautiful roads to get to know, the best places to eat and the most beautiful places to sleep. A true sharing of knowledge of the island for a unique and memorable experience.

What are the most exceptional places to discover Corsica on a scooter?

Corsica is an island with a thousand facets, offering varied and contrasting landscapes between sea and mountains, nature and culture, tradition and modernity. Rent a scooter in Corsica and explore the island from every angle, admiring its splendors and appreciating its diversity. Here are just a few of the towns and regions that are a must-see during your stay:

Ajaccio: Capital of Corsica, rich in history, culture and charm. Visit Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace, the Fesch museum, Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption cathedral, the citadel or the market. Enjoy the beaches, port, restaurants and entertainment.

Visit Ajaccio on a rental scooter

Bastia: Corsica’s second-largest city, dynamic, commercial and festive. Admire the old port, citadel, governors’ palace, Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, theater and museum. Stroll through its narrow streets, squares, markets and cafés.

Visit Bastia on a rental scooter

Bonifacio: the southernmost town, spectacular with its white limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. Discover the port, the old town, the citadel, the King of Aragon’s staircase, the marine cemetery and the caves. You can also set sail for the Lavezzi Islands, a natural and unspoilt archipelago paradise.

Visit Bonifacio on a rental scooter

Porto-Vecchio: the most touristic, elegant and trendy town. Enjoy dream beaches such as Palombaggia, Santa Giulia or Rondinara, its marina, boutiques, bars and nightclubs. You can also explore its historic center, ramparts, church and bastion.

Visit Porto Vecchio on a rental scooter

Propriano: The most central town, pleasant, friendly and authentic. Enjoy the port, beaches, restaurants, shops and water sports. Visit archaeological sites such as Filitosa, Cauria or Cucuruzzu, witnesses to Corsican prehistory.

Visit Propriano on a rental scooter

Porto: the most westerly city, picturesque, nestling at the bottom of a gulf, surrounded by mountains. Admire the port, the Genoese tower, the beach or the aquarium. Discover the region’s natural wonders, such as the calanques of Piana, the Scandola reserve on a boat trip or the Capo Rosso trail.

Visit Porto on a rental scooter

Calvi: The northernmost town, bright, welcoming and lively. Enjoy its port, citadel, cathedral, jazz festival and gastronomy. Take a dip on its long sandy beach, or venture into the hinterland to discover Balagne, a region rich in heritage and scenery.

Visit Calvi on a rental scooter

Île-Rousse: Charming easternmost town, founded in the 18th century by Pascal Paoli, the father of the Corsican nation. Take in the harbour, the central square, the lighthouse, the market or the tourist train. Relax on its white sandy beaches, or take a walk in the nearby Agriates Desert, a wild and unspoilt area.

Visit Ile Rousse on a rental scooter

Corte: the most central, historic city and former capital of independent Corsica. Visit the citadel, the Corsican museum, the university, the belvedere or the fountain. Venture into its mountains, forests, lakes or rivers for hiking, canyoning, mountain biking or skiing.

Visit Corte on a rental scooter

In conclusion

Renting a scooter in Corsica is an excellent way to discover the island of beauty, its landscapes, culture, gastronomy and history. When you choose Corsica’s number one scooter rental agency, you benefit from numerous advantages, such as choice, price, assistance, guarantees and advice. Get ready for a unique and memorable adventure, in complete freedom and safety. Don’t wait any longer, book your scooter in Corsica now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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